Interior Design


This major aims at keeping pace with the fast development of the skills needed in the field of designing the various indoor spaces in all kinds of buildings such as offices, hotels, banks, restaurants & stores. Besides, it involves the development of the skills of the interior designing of residential building, houses & private villas.


Teaching technology

The college is keen on providing the students with a number of workshops specialized in decoration & interior designing in order to enable them to get the practical skills needed to join & adjust in labor market in the field of interior designing.


Study plan

Students should pass (66) credit hours to get their Diploma and (132) credit hours to get their Bachelor degree in interior designing.
The students of this department will study a number of courses which meet the demand of the local or international market.


Language of instruction

Due to the importance of English Language in Interior Design, it is used as the medium of instruction in all College departments.


Students with the secondary education certificate (and equivalent) can join this major, according to the terms and conditions outlined in the College Admission Policy.


Job opportunities

The graduates of this major will enjoy a high employment potential in different architectural & interior designing offices, furniture factories and other private & governmental institutions due to the current demand of  qualified manpower in this field.