Computer Science


This major has become a must in most economic, industrial, and service activities. This in turn means the viability of technicians who are able to cope with the computer systems, technicalities and programs.


Teaching technology

The college provides computer laboratories, which offer beginning and system analysis skills in addition to other technicalities such as network and their different application.

Study plan

Students should pass (66) credit hours to get their Diploma and (132) credit hours to get their Bachelor degree in specialization. Students in this department study different subjects like: computer architecture, programming in different languages, administrative data base, systems analysis and designing, information technology, , and other subjects which are selected in the light of the developing local, regional, and international work market.


Language of instruction

Due to the importance of English Language in Computer Science, it is used as the medium of instruction in all College departments.


Students with the secondary education certificate (and equivalent) can join this major, according to the terms and conditions outlined in the College Admission Policy.


Job opportunities

The graduates of this major will enjoy a high employment potential in different private and governmental institution due to the current demand of qualified manpower in this field.