Financial Sciences


This major aims at coping with the rapid development in the world of finance and business and with the different financial and banking institution.


Teaching technology

The college plans to provide a applied financial banking incubator to enable students to acquire the scientific skills which are necessary to adapt quickly with the financial and banking markets. The college also utilizes other labs
(the language and computer lab) which are equipped with the latest technology.

Study plan

Students should pass (66) credit hours to get their Diploma and (132) credit hours to get their Bachelor degree in this major. They study different subjects like: introduction to funding and banking, principles of insurance, Islamic banking, financial analysis, personal funding, methods of scientific research, financial mathematics, and other subjects which are selected in accordance with the developing local market needs.


Language of instruction

Due to the importance of English Language in Finance and Banking, it is used as the medium of instruction in all College departments.


Students with the secondary education certificates (or equivalent) can join this major, according to the terms and conditions outlined in the College Admission Policy.


Job opportunities

The graduates of this major will enjoy a high employment potential in bank, insurance companies, investment companies private sector companies and government institution.