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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Secondary School Certificate (irrespective of the year of graduation)
  • Student's total mark mustn't be less than 50%
  • Graduates of secondary school in both in arts and science branches can apply to both diploma and bachelor in all departments.


It is a process through which students choose the courses they want to study in a semester in accordance with the department study Plan and with instructions from the academic advisor. One academic advisor is given to each newly accepted student.

Then the course is registered officially.

To clarify the process of registration, we mention the following:

First: Preparation for registration:

The student at the time of registration should select the following information from either registration department or from the academic department (Study Plan, maximum and minimum study books allowed, lecture timetable, final dates of registration for different courses, and the college calendar).

Second: Registration Processing

Registration process is done in accordance with the following steps:

  1. The registration form holding student's name , personal data ,including study fees , transportation and accommodation.
  2. Student chooses the courses he/she wants to study in consultation with the academic advisor .The courses should be filled in appropriate blanks in the registration form such as : course code, name and credit hours, and group for each course.
  3. Registration form is then signed by the student and academic advisor.
  4. Student signs the same from the financial department (accountant) and pays the fee there.
  5. Finally, the student needs to the registration office to enter the data in the computer and to sign it to get the final study timetable officially.

Third: The documents required for registration in the college:

  • Secondary School Certificate.
  • Original Transcript of the Certificate.
  • Four passport size photos.
  • The registration form and signature on a pledge prepared by the college