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Student Profile

Student Profile

The student population of the college is (1036) distributed according to sex as follows: (49) male, and (206) female students. Around (206) are registered for the diploma programs, and (585) for the bachelor programs. Approximately ( 155 ) students are accommodated at the college girls hostels, and (202 ) students benefit from the transport facilities provided by the college.

The majority of current and future students of OCMT are 18-22 years of age. At the dawn of the third millennium, such young people are generally characterized as being team-oriented, digital-users, diversity-advocates, and interactive. Field research conducted to classify students at the college revealed that they are mainly Epimetheans and Apollonian in types of personality and styles of learning and thinking. That should be utilized by the faculty in teaching-learning situations.

To enhance professional skills besides the academic work conducted, the college looks forward to integrate professional programs to enable students obtain professional qualifications besides the academic ones pursued.

OCMT is fully aware that the twenty-first century workforce requirements are as follows:

  1. Digital–age literacy (scientific, economic, technological, and informational) in multicultural and global settings;
  2. Effective communication skills: including collaboration; personal, social. interpersonal and civic responsibility; and interactive communication;
  3. Creative thinking; adaptability; managing complexity; self direction; curiosity; risk- taking ; and higher-order thinking and reasoning;
  4. High productivity: including the ability to prioritize, plan, and manage to achieve objectives; and effective use of real world tools.

Number of Students Distributed According to Programs of Study

(As on 2015 1st semester)


Program of Study Number of Students
Diploma Programs Bachelor’s Programs Total
Male Female Male Female
Business Administration 30 53 43 118 244
Accounting 17 23 34 67 141
Marketing & Electronic Commerce
3 11 4 36 54
Banking & Financial Sciences 1 2 1 2 6
Computer Sciences 1 3 3 48 55
Management Information Systems 10 24 11 126 171
Interior Design 2 26 9 83 110
Foundation Program Male Female
49  206   255
Total 1036