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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Risk management regulations adopted cover academic, administrative, environmental, health and safety aspects:

  1. All staff have medical insurance issued by the HR department.
  2. All safety measures are taken at the College premises and the students’ hostels. Officers from the General Safety and Civil Defense supervise the efficacy of measures taken following the national law and regulation. The health and safety committee insures the proper implementation of the health and safety policy. 
  3. The College has a clinic to provide medical care to the students and staff. Hospital referrals can be arranged through the clinic (Ms.Elena Mar).
  4. The College has an insurance policy covering all buildings, money kept in safe and on the way to the bank, vehicles and laboratories.
  5. The risk managment committee follows the health and safety issues.


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Ms.Elena        159,117 Nurse elena.mar@omancollege.edu.om



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