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Responsibilities of Financial Affairs Department

  • Preparing the annual draft budget of the college in coordination with the relevant departments;
  • Keeping necessary financial records and making entries therein in accordance with the valid regulations;
  • Preparing payment vouchers and ensuring that payment is made within the limits of valid regulations;
  • Auditing payroll statements and personnel entitlements to ensure their compliance with the valid regulations, and making their payment procedures on the scheduled dates;
  • Preparing entry vouchers related to the value of procurement or cost of services or work execution or recording the revenues collected;
  • Issuing purchase orders, checks, and payment orders in accordance with the valid regulations;
  • Receiving revenues, including tuition fees;
  • Matching bank accounts with bank statements on monthly basis;
  • Supervising the college properties and keeping relevant records;
  • Issuing monthly, quarterly and annual accounts;
  • Making coordination with the independent auditor and internal audit department at the college;
  • Undertaking any relevant tasks to be assigned by the college's dean or assistant dean;