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Study Plan GFP Levels

Level - 1

The Level - 1 study plan is designed for elementary level students from non English speaking background. The whole 14 weeks programme will motivate the learner to speak and practice English through practical tasks and activities. It will familiarize the student to the use of language in its natural setting by giving exposure to lots of authentic material and situations. The programme follows a graded approach whereby the student is taught language with varying levels of difficulty. The study at Level – 1 aims to heighten the speaking , listening , reading and writing skills in English of the learner in an integrated approach through grammar (form and function ) and through various graded language material. Oral drills, presentation and other materials follow the audio –lingual method, which offer skilled help in listening and speaking. For the development of the reading skill the study plan is specifically designed with activities aimed at picking out ideas and vocabulary development. Likewise, in writing, it takes up the classification of paragraph types together, together with the essentials of a good paragraph.