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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome Standards (Draft Version 4, May 2007, OAAA)

Having successfully completed GFP English language a student will be able to satisfactorily:

  • Actively participate in a discussion on a topic relevant to their studies by asking questions agreeing/disagreeing, asking for clarification, sharing information, expressing and asking for opinions.
  • Paraphrase information (orally or in writing) from a written or spoken text or from graphically presented data.
  • Prepare and deliver a talk of at least 5 minutes. Use library resources in preparing the talk, speak clearly and confidently, make eye contact and use body language to support the delivery of ideas. Respond confidently to questions.
  • Write texts of a minimum of 250 words, showing control of layout, organization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Produce a written report of a minimum of 500 words showing evidence of research, note taking, review and revision of work, paraphrasing, summarizing, use of quotations and use of references.
  • Take notes and respond to questions about the topic, main ideas, details and opinions or arguments from an extended listening text (e.g. lecture, news broadcast).
  • Follow spoken instructions in order to carry out a task with a number of stages.
  • Listen to a conversation between two or more speakers and be able to answer questions in relation to context, relationship between speakers, register (e.g. formal or informal).
  • Read a one to two page text and identify the main idea(s) and extract specific information in a given period of time.
  • Read an extensive text broadly relevant to the student’s area of study (minimum three pages) and respond to questions that require analytical skills, e.g. prediction, deduction, inference.